Hospitality Solutions

Hospitality Solutions

Rapid evolutions in technology mean greater guest expectations. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helps hotels, resorts and cruise ships harness the power of connectivity to:

  • Enrich the Guest Experience

Guests want a 360° personalized experience. With the touch of a screen, give them total control over their room and service booking. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s BYOD applications and interactive digital signage lets guests continue customizing their stay on the go. Find out how to engineer an unforgettable guest experience >

  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Unified Access, Converged Network and Hosted Cloud Solutions can save your hospitality business money every year while delivering a new, simplified network architecture. Pay less, get more. Learn more about Alcatel-Lucent network solutions for hospitality >

  • Improve Hotel Operations

Boost productivity, improve service and make teamwork simple with mobility, video conferencing and workflow management solutions. Our multimedia reservation center is at the heart of efficiently run hotel operations. Discover solutions for improving operations at your hotel >

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