Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions
Your employees work 24/7 in remote locations across the world and require access to central resources anytime, anywhere, and from many devices. But mobility is not one-size fits all; every industry and business has unique requirements.

Mobility has given business IT departments a spiraling CAPEX and OPEX burden. Cellular costs continue to soar and bring your own device (BYOD) has stretched network managers to breaking point. Devices on the network consume bandwidth and drain management resources while IT continues to search for better security.

Why? Because BYOD, quality user experience, secure remote access and high-capacity wireless access were not in your last infrastructure upgrade requirements document. However, there are solutions to all of these challenges.

Mobility Across Your Infrastructure

Full mobile enablement impacts virtually every aspect of your IT infrastructure:

  • Voice and unified communications
  • Wired and wireless network access
  • The data center
  • User, network and application management

Properly planned and deployed, it isn’t just your end users who will benefit from a mobile enterprise. For IT, network management and applications can be automated and unified, and CFOs will appreciate lower telephony costs.

On-Site Mobility Options

On-site mobility solutions are important for campus environments, saving on cellular costs and delivering a fully integrated communications experience.

  • DECT solutions are simple, powerful and integrate with your telephony infrastructure. And, as you might expect from a global DECT leader, we have many industry profiles ready to apply, use and customize.
  • VoWLAN solutions have matured, ensuring users remain connected while roaming on site.  Regardless of device – iOS, Android, desktop or ruggedized WLAN handset, user experience is seamless.

How Do You Capitalize on Mobility?

Contact us today and let’s talk. Our experts and partners can show you a seamless mobile future designed for your business today and tomorrow. Or you can browse all our Mobility products in our Mobility product portfolio.

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