Your network … secured

Your network … secured

Network hacks, data breaches, information theft, and other malicious network attacks are on the rise:

33% increase in total cost of data breach in 2 years
$154 is the average cost per lost or stolen record

-Source: 20151 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis Ponemon Institute, May 2015


So should your concern for overall network security. Nearly one million malware threats are released worldwide every day, and it takes an average of 46 days to resolve a malicious attack, threatening critical operations, organizational reputations, and even the financial viability of many companies.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise can help protect your company’s digital assets with a in-depth defense approach that translates into multiple layers of security:

Security concern: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise security strategy:
Router & switch operating system vulnerability
  • Multiple embedded operating system techniques mitigate or prevent attacks, including flood control gates, port scanning detection, task CPU usage monitor and control, etc
  • Optional extra-hardened Operating System with the innovative CodeGuardian technology
Network access
  •  Consistent network access control at both wired and wireless interfaces
  • Authentication and authorization required throughout entire network
  • Enforced role based access and quarantine process for unauthorized or non-compliant users
  • API’s to firewall vendors like Palo Alto Networks, enable more granular firewall rules based on user and device information, providing a more customized fit to your business needs
BYOD & corporate devices


  •  Device health check supports a secure adoption of BYOD
  • Ensures device is compliant before allowing access to the network
  • Isolates infected devices and limits access only to remediation servers
Insecure applications


  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, identifies in real time applications traversing the network and blocking the utilization of insecure & undesirable applications
Malicious attacks
  • Predictive analysis provides traffic anomaly alert, identification of potential DoS attacks


ALE partners with LGS Innovations to offer CodeGuardian on the OmniSwitch product line. This innovative technology mitigates larger enterprise risks at the source, enabling an enhanced security profile through:

  • Independent verification and validation of OmniSwitch source code
  • Software diversification of OmniSwitch object code to prevent exploitation
  • Secure delivery of OmniSwitch software to customers

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