Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service Solutions
  • Modular and agile architectures
  • Business efficiency in a unified workspace
  • Improving customer conversations
Digital media and the Consumer Revolution forces organizations to rethink the way they engage with customers. Mobile devices, social networks and consumer-generated content means customers communicate in new ways.  These trends create significant changes in customer service to satisfy what customers care about.

What do your customers care about? They care about themselves and their issues.  If they need to engage with your service center, the outcome, convenience and speed of resolution become the measurements of your brand. Multi-channel engagement is the new rule in customer satisfaction. So is the ability for agents to quickly access the right information and the right experts to deliver on customer needs with the empathy and care desired.

From call center transactions to customer conversations

Great customer service goes beyond simple transactions. It is focused on the customer – their experience and desired outcome. Customers don’t care about the mechanics of your workflows; they only care about resolving their problems in the shortest time possible. Resolution begins with a single conversation that is increasingly digital and across multiple media, keeping the context of all the separate interactions. It is a conversation that seamlessly connects agents, information and media. Discover more >

Business efficiency from a unified workspace

A unified desktop connects agents to a global view of customers, multi-media interactions, information and tasks. Tight integration with business applications results in measurably improved business outcomes. Discover more >

Modular and agile architectures

Flexibility and the need to “right-size” customer service operations promptly is a common challenge for contact centers.  Alcatel-Lucent Customer Service Solutions are modular by design allowing your business operations to adapt quickly to changing business conditions. Discover more >

Easy integration for OmniPCX and OpenTouch users

As you would expect, full integration within an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise environment is seamless and modular. Single and multi-site PBX environments are supported and customer service solution options range from premise to cloud, CAPEX to pay-per-use.

Contact your local business partner or contact Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise today to learn how our customer service solutions meet your unique business requirements.

Customer Service Products

Simplify contact center management and increase productivity with our full line of contact center products.

OpenTouch Customer Service

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