Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

Whether designing cars, assembling airplanes or developing pharmaceuticals, manufacturers must stay connected with key suppliers, dealers and distributors to gauge and meet customer demand. Avoid costly delays and optimize your resources with Alcatel-Lucent communication solutions.

Connect your people

Alcatel-Lucent offers multimedia conferencing for remote collaboration with suppliers, as well as tools to facilitate resource allocation, planning and service coordination.
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Reduce downtime

Production delays lead to missed deadlines and decreased profit margins. We help you eliminate bottlenecks by building a reliable, centralized infrastructure. Our solutions for integrated network management enable manufacturers to gain visibility over their entire infrastructure and avoid unnecessary delays.
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Our expertise

With proven technical expertise, global industry leadership and a broad solution and service portfolio, Alcatel-Lucent is uniquely positioned to design and build solutions that meet the most stringent requirements of public safety and defense agencies.

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