Shift to the Cloud

Shift to the Cloud

Shift to the Cloud

Everyone is talking about shifting their applications and data (that used to run and be kept on internal servers) to the cloud. Cloud-based architectures and models represent tremendous opportunities for enterprises…as long as they are well understood and can be translated into tangible actions to fulfill those opportunities.

However, there are many clouds. In fact, organizations have a sky full of clouds. Hybrid clouds, public clouds, private clouds, semi-private, and community clouds are flourishing, if not in your reality, in articles and on consultant, vendor, and analyst presentations.

It is important to reiterate that cloud-based architectures are not the panacea to all the problems that enterprises might face for communications and networking resources. Before taking the step, any enterprise should decide on the goals that they want to achieve by moving to the cloud. The complete list depends on individual motivations and personal understanding of what the cloud can provide to your respective departments and organizations.

Alcatel-Lucent technology enables enterprises to be cloud-ready. Whether it is to adapt to today’s fast-changing environment with intelligent, scalable, cost-effective network solutions that can dynamically optimize data center and corporate network performance, or provide innovative software technology that is virtualized to fit easily into data centers to deliver communications, collaboration and unified communications as a service, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise offers a set of services and a compelling ecosystem to facilitate the possibility of the cloud.


Alcatel-Lucent and Citrix® have collaborated to create complete solutions that meet the evolving needs of enterprise data center and corporate networks. Together, they provide an immediate answer to the changing needs of enterprises with the Alcatel-Lucent Citrix Ready Solution .

Alcatel-Lucent has also teamed up with CapGemini to create the Alcatel-Lucent CapGemini Enterprise (ACE) Cloud solution. The partnership created a vibrant environment that demonstrates the look and feel of a data center migration path from a legacy network to a private or hybrid cloud to potential customers. There are plans to expand the demonstration center to various locations across the globe.

Collaborative conversation solutions

OpenTouch Suite makes mobility a fully integrated extension of the communication, collaboration, sharing, multi-tasking and multimedia experience. Apple’s iPad is fully integrated with the award winning OpenTouch Conversation app giving a serious business capabilities to the BYOD trend.

OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud offers the same rich unified communications experience in a hosted service model.

Business telephony solutions deliver IP voice and fully integrated messaging.

Visual communications solutions provide HD video collaboration tools, hosted video sharing from the cloud and digital signage multimedia solutions.

Communications and collaboration tools are only as good as the network that supports them. The Alcatel-Lucent Application Fluent Network, converged campus infrastructure and award winning data center solutions are creating new business opportunities for small business and large enterprise customers across the globe.

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