• Standard SIP telephony based on IETF standards (RFCs)
  • 132×64 graphic dot matrix display, 5 lines shown simultaneously, with Chinese font support
  • RJ9 and 3.5 mm jack for headset connection • USB connectivity (e.g., for charging smartphones) • 2 x 100BASE-TX Ethernet interfaces (1 LAN access and 1 PC port)
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)* • Two SIP accounts. • 3-party conference
  •  Support voice mail • XML/LDAP phone book • Third-party call control (3PCC) support
  •  Three configuration methods: (web page, phone configuration, auto-provision)


  • Business-grade design
  • Cost-effective
  •  Always-on connectivity to ensure continuity of critical communications
  •  Support Call Center and Contact Center
  •  Simplified operations, reduced operational expenditure and total cost of ownership through a seamless single management platform shared with other devices, applications and networking elements
  •  Integration with Alcatel-Lucent communication servers

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